Hoysala Super 550SD TMT

The highest grade of steel used in Hoysala Super 550SD TMT bars offers maximum strength, ductility, and resistance to corrosion and earthquakes.

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Manufacturing Process

Build Only With Premium SD Quality HOYSALA 550SD

  • Superior Strength

More power equals greater savings. Reduced diameter or fewer rebars are needed for a given design load.

  • Ultimate Ductility

More ductility implies more safety enhanced resilience to earthquakes Higher YS and UTS gap leads to greater ductility

  • Eco-Friendly

More environmentally friendly. We use more renewable energy generated from wind and solar means, than the majority of businesses in the sector.

  • Super Assurance

More Security ensures comfort when making a purchase. Pieces of Hoysala Super 550SD rebars are available in uniform sizes.

100% SAFETY with SD Quality Premium TMT Bars

100% safety with SD Quality Premium TMT Bars
Protect your structure with the advantage of SUPER DUCTILE HOYSALA 550SD TMT bars with added manganese to enhance smoothness yet maintain unparalleled strength.

  • • Resistance to earthquakes
  • • Higher load absorption
  • • Indestructible ductility
  • • Better elongation resulting in longer structure life

Benefits of: SD PROTECTION


  • • Special high grade sponge iron pellets from own Rotary Kilns
  • • Reduction in sulphur and phosphorus which is the main cause for low strength
  • • Extra manganese to improve smoothness and bendability.

    WHY 550 SD?

  • • Soft inner core for smoothness, Hard outer for strength
  • • Smoothness of material results in ease of bar-bender’s work and low project time.
  • • Water resistant resulting in longer life of structure and less cracks
  • • Low maintenance cost through the life of structure

5X Ribs Bonding

    HOYSALA 550SD TMT’s unique 5X Ribs Technology provides unrivalled bonding with concrete and has been shown to provide long-lasting strength to all structures.


  • • Systematic gaps in the TMT ribs pattern for better concrete placement and bonding.
  • • Better bonding results in more strength, stability and sturdiness in structures.

Super Ductile + 550 GRADE = Maximum Strength(Proven Results)

Super Ductile + 550 GRADE = Maximum Strength – Proven Results
  • • Low Material Consumption
  • • Low project time consumption
Super Ductile
5X Tech
Eco Friendly

Superior Strength

Ultimate Ductility

Ultimate Ductility

Ultimate Ductility

Benefits of HOYSALA 550 SD TMT

Parameter Conventional TMT Bar X Bar 5X Bar (SD)
Ribs Inconsistent rib pattern X rib pattern with closer rib spacing 5X rib pattern with greater depth
Consistency Inconsistent bar size increases wastage Inconsistent bar size reduces cost Consistent bar size reduces cost
Bendability Low bendability makes it brittle Normal Bendability Superior bendability
Yield Strength (min) N/mm2 500-520 520-565 530-585
Tensile Strength (min) N/mm2 545 550-580 560-650
Elongation % (AS) 12 16-25 18-27
Bond Strength 7.25 7.51 8.04
Size (mm) Lower Limit Standard Weight Upper Limit 5X Bar Avg. Savings for Hoysala Customers
8 0.367 0.395 0.422 0.370-0.395 3%
10 0.574 0.617 0.66 0.580-0.617 3%
12 0.844 0.888 0.932 0.845-0.888 3%
16 1.5 1.58 1.66 1.500-1.580 3%
20 2.394 2.468 2.542 2.399-2.468 3%
25 3.74 3.856 3.972 3.740-3.856 3%
BIS Specifications for Chemical Properties
Chemical Properties Fe 500 Fe 500-D HOYSALA 550 SD (maximum)
% Carbon 0.3 0.25 0.25
% Carbon Equivalent (CE) 0.42 0.42 0.4
% Sulphur (S) 0.055 0.04 0.035
% Phosphorus (P) 0.055 0.04 0.035
% Sulphur & Phosphorus (S&P) 0.105 0.075 0.07
% Nitrogen (PPM) 120 120 120
BIS Specifications for Mechanical Properties
Mechanical Properties (minimum) Fe 500 Fe 500-D HOYSALA 550 SD
Yield Stress- YS (N/mm2) 500 500 550
Ultimate Tensile Stress- UTS (N/mm2) 545 565 600
UTS/YS Ratio 1.08 1.08 1.12
* As obtained in 90% of the heats

Simple Test

The Three Layers Of The TMT Bar Can Be Seen With Naked Eyes By A Simple Test. Slice A Piece Of Tmt Bar, Polish It’s Face By Grinding, Immerse It In A Solution Of Nitral ( Nitric Acid 2% + Alcohol 98% ) For A Few Seconds. Allow It To Dry. Three Circles ( As Shown In The Picture ) Will Be Seen On The Cut Surface Of The TMT Bar. The Outer Circle Is Of Tempered Martensite ( Hard ), Center Circle Is Of Annular Zone Of Mixed Bainite And The Inner Circle Is Of Ferrite Pearlite ( Soft ).