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16/C, KIADB Sommanhalli Industrial Area, KARNATAKA-571433.

5X Tech

Our R&D based technology carries design weight easily and is structurally sound. The rib gaps and height.


More strength equals greater savings. Increased rebars' capacity to support loads. Reduced diameter or fewer rebars are.

Eco Friendly

We use more renewable energy generated from captive wind and solar means, than the majority of businesses.

Super Ductile

More ductility implies more safety enhanced resilience to earthquakes UTS/YS ratio must be at least 1.15. (Measuring.
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About Premium 550SD Quality TMT Manufacturing

HOYSALA TMT 550 SD Bar is the steel for new-age constructions. The steel strength allows for the highest percentage elongation of bars giving it unmatched tensile strength and superior ductility when compared to the other products in the market. HOYSALA TMT 550 SD Bars meet the industry standards and specifications of low phosphorus and sulphur content giving the steel strength to withstand wind loads and jerk loads during earthquakes and makes it resistant to corrosion. It is the most premium quality steel in the market.

Note from the Senior Management

Since its inception in 2013, HOYSALA TMT has been offering superior quality TMT Bars to the construction industry around India. The founders saw a gap in the premium quality segment, with most players either overcharging for low-quality steel without offering quality. We are one of the few manufacturers that have actually invested in cutting-edge Italian technology such as Thermex. Thermex Technology TMT Bar is High-Quality TMT Bar that can be used for all construction purposes for its tensile strength. As a result, we have become one of India’s most efficient steel manufacturers and South India’s prominent TMT Brand. Our outstanding design, quality production techniques, and engineering provide the necessary strength and flexibility in today’s construction sector. We also have a patented 5X technology Rib pattern for extra bonding with concrete.

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about us


We at RD TMT think that a brand based on trust goes a long way and are committed to earning your confidence.


We know that you, as a customer, are more devoted to a brand that is open and honest with them and we pledge to do that. We provide greater transparency in all aspects.


When you work with us, we want to make sure that you have everything you need. We provide high-quality products and services that meet your standards and exceed your expectations.


We offer superior customer service. We strive to become one of the most reliable steel solutions in the country.

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Health & Safety

Health and safety of all of our employees is one of the foundations on which we have built our company. We continuously discover, assess and implement innovative solutions to the challenges we face to keep our people safe in their workplace.

RD TMT always upholds it’s core value that is to create a protective environment for the health and safety of its employees. We comply with the international standards by providing all the applicable safety and environmental norms. We are on a continuous journey to encourage health and safety laws through effective communication and training.

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